What is Laalo.com?

There is a certain euphoric thrill that arises when you discover a great deal, a cool satisfaction that results when you find that super bargain you have been waiting for. Well, we at Laalo.com believe everyone ought to experience the thrill of finding an amazing deal, as often as possible. Therefore, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to deliver a steady daily dose of deal excitement!  The thrill of the bargain is our specialty, and no one does it better than we do.

At Laalo.com, we spend countless hours finding and acquiring great bargains for our members every day, so they can enjoy the excitement often experienced by professional bargain hunters.  Laalo.comMobile.laalo.com, Family.laalo and Geekout.laalo are daily deal websites that offer deeply discounted products on the best and coveted consumer goods.  At Laalo.com, contrary to the conventional daily deal site, we take pride in acquiring the best deals on name brand products for our members, products that have real use and products that we would actually use ourselves.  Most often, the typical daily deal site will commonly sell items that don’t have much appeal, or are somewhat bland. To us at Laalo.com, it’s not really a deal if the deal being offered is on a product that is somewhat lame, boring, or pedestrian.  Our deals will excite and thrill you and will always be on products that have a cool factor to them, what we like to call “the thrill”. In essence, we sell products that you would actually want to buy rather than cheap generics.

The deals we provide are available for a 24-hour period before they expire (PST), and at midnight a new deal is added for the next day.  On some days we even offer several deals, one deal at a time. On those days the countdown clock/timer will have a shorter expiration time, indicating a new deal will begin shortly.  

Where is Laalo.com located? 

Laalo.com’s headquarters are located in the beautiful Emerald City of Seattle, in Washington State, the home of such companies like Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon.com.  We have been in the ecommerce business since 2003 selling on such sites as eBay, Overstock, and Amazon.com. We decided to take our expertise in deal sales on the road and create our own platform, Laalo.com, with an objective to expand and improve on the daily deal concept started by Woot.com in 2004.   Our mission is simple, sale cool products at deeply discounted prices, and we hope you have a thrilling deal experience in the process.  Happy Shopping!